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Fun Spanking Sex Games

Posted by John on March 7, 2012 at 6:33 am

Here are some free fun spanking game ideas that will make your sex life more joyous than ever before.

  • Make up funny, sexy competitions – the loser get spanked.
  • Tie up your partner to the bed and use a hairbrush to arouse and show that you’re in charge.
  • Use foot ticking and erotic spanking as part of foreplay.
  • Flip a coin, and the person who loses gets spanked.
  • Add OTK spanking to a fun role play and assert the domination submission relationship.
  • Ask your partner to misbehave, before giving her an open hand punishment.

  • Play truth or dare and spank any partner who dares to pick dare.
  • Invite a bunch of friends and add spanking sex games to a wife swapping party. This is bound to make your swinger encounter in to a full-blown orgy in no time.
  • Combine ass whooping with doggystyle or anal sex for maximal pleasure.

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